CTL Monitor CR237 (16:9, 23")

Common features of all 5 products:

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Device Type: Monitors Durable Screen Protection: Yes
Orientation: Landscape Scratch Resistant: Yes Screen Format: Widescreen

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3M™ Privacy Filter for 23" Widescreen Monitor
Frameless Privacy Filter with Standard Blackout

Material ID: 7000021450
Catalog Number: PF230W9B
GTIN: 051128789650

3M™ Gold Privacy Filter for 23" Widescreen Monitor
Frameless Privacy Filter with Gold-Colored Blackout

Material ID: 7100095966
Catalog Number: GF230W9B
GTIN: 051128006832

3M™ Framed Privacy Filter for 23.0" Widescreen Monitor
Framed Privacy Filter with Blackout

Material ID: 7100097749
Catalog Number: PF230W9F
GTIN: 051128006771

3M™ Anti-Glare Filter for 23" Widescreen Monitor
Frameless Anti-Glare Filter

Material ID: 7100028684
Catalog Number: AG230W9B
GTIN: 051128830017

3M™ High Clarity Privacy Filter for 23" Widescreen Monitor
Ultra Clear Frameless Blackout Privacy Filter

Material ID: 7100136322
Catalog Number: HC230W9B
GTIN: 051128007747

Yes No No Yes No
No No Yes No No
Catalog Number
PF230W9B GF230W9B PF230W9F AG230W9B HC230W9B
Filter Color
Black Gold Black Clear Black
Filter Type
Frameless Frameless Framed Frameless Frameless
Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Touch Compatibility
No No No Yes No

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